Our goal is to provide our manufacturer’s with sales growth, the best market coverage, provide assistance to our distributors and develop the market for and with them. Follow up on sales lead and report back to you. Design market strategies that are in line with your goals. Limit amount of manufacturers to ensure a fair share of sales time per lines. Our reputation and good standing with ALL distributors ensure full market coverage.


Secure enclosure for temporary power application. Enclosures with Cam Lock style connectors. Applications includes generators, bench test, theatrical, shows, amusement park, permanently installed solution, indoor or outdoor applications. From 100A to 3000 amps.

Etlin Daniels & Electrical Devices inc. based in Toronto, are one of the largest manufacturers and importers of electrical and mechanical components supplying OEM’s and Distributors in Canada and the United States. Supplying into industries such as, Lighting, Display, HVAC, Refrigeration, Control Panel OEM’s, and Electrical Distributors. We also provide new state-of-the-art lighting technology to lighting OEM’s around North America

Manufacturer of LED replacement bulbs to retrofit HID bulb in existing luminaire for commercial, industrial use, converts bollard, Hi-bay, street light, post top.

Priority Wire and Cable

Priority Wire and Cable: Manufacturer and distributor of wire and cable products specialising in aluminium, cabtire, telecom, ground rods and many more with Warehousing in Toronto. Priority Wire and Cable does not charge any cut fees and sells only to distributors.


Littelfuse, Driescher, Siba, Fusetek, Techna, Wöhner, IMO, Iboco Vynckier : Fuses, fuse holder, semiconductor fuses, solar products, high voltage & accessories, Panel building products, automation products, non metalic enclosures, Led replacement push button bulb.


Protection relays and control, Motor and pump protection, Arc-Flash relay, Ground fault protection, Ground conductor monitoring, Resistance grounding/NGR monitoring, Feeder protection, Timer, Flasher.


Representative for Ottawa and Gatineau territory only. Dry-Type Industrial Transformers, Industrial Control Transformers, AutoTransformers, Line Reactors, Custom Distribution Transformers and Custom Control Transformers.


WECO prides itself on being a major supplier in sales of printed circuit board connectors in the North American market. WECO offers a wide variety of products including terminal blocks, rail mounted electronic modules, terminal strips, tab and solder connectors, and grounding and ceramic terminal blocks.


Canadian manufacturer of Pedestal, enclosures, splitters and terminators, Temp power, loadmiser, parking lot controllers, highway and lighting control, transfert switch and more.

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